Experienced through modeling in clay | Christian Breme


While scientific research in embryo selection, gene therapy, therapeutic and reproductive cloning has produced social benefits, it has also posed some troubling ethical questions. These growing ethical concerns pose challenges for teachers. The capacity to enter directly into the development of the human fertilized egg has raised questions that many people feel not yet ready to answer with insight and appropriate moral judgment. This is a concern for all humanity and for each one as an individual. It concerns most of all teachers, who hope to provide the basis for sound judgment in young people as they are developing an inner attitude towards all things. The discrepancy between the possibilities of modern medicine and its ethical accountability has early roots. This is based in the concept of a science that judges aesthetic and moral considerations as subjective and excludes them from the process of investigation that demands a critical distance from the object of investigation. Life itself in the form of the human fertilized egg has become an object of this kind of research.

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